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January 7

Reviews of the site so far are all in the superlative - And not just because those are my images, but the quality of the images so far hold their own with anything I've seen on other sites... Once again, I applaud Integrated Minds' level of skill and integrity.

Andy Cohen, Owner / Photographer, Fifth Eye Photography

October 22

I am very pleased with the work and dedication that you have invested on our behalf here at Bedlam Architectural Metalworks. Our goals for a first class web site have been met because of your outstanding character exemplified in your faithfulness to our time schedule and your willingness to master our creative needs that were encountered along the way.

Our president Mr. Richard Grabowsky, Jayne Kaine our General Manage and myself, thank you for your professionalism and the successful development of this very challenging task.

Herb Hatfield, Director of Marketing, Bedlam Architectural Metalworks

March 18

I am hoping this letter finds you well.

As our website nears completion, i thought i would take a moment to express my great appreciation for you and your team at Integrated Minds. The image that you have provided for Franco Furniture Repair Service, Inc. has greatly exceeded our expectations of any web designer.

Aside from designing our website, you and your company have proved to be extremely educated troubleshooters for all aspects of technical support through the five years we have worked together. My company like most, is extremely dependent on computers and when things g wrong, it is essential that they be corrected efficiently, expediently and practically. You have always been prompt and have always been able to solve the problem at hand in a timely manner.

Thank you for providing my company the comfort, peace of mind and reassurance that daily operations will not come to a screeching halt should our computer system and network malfunction or fail as technology sometimes does.

If that weren't enough, i must also take the time to thank you for the hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars you gave saved the insurance companies we work for by being able to provide cost effective ways to either replace and/or repair computer systems and the like when damaged during corporate moves. I,m not sure how many repair firms have a computer vendor that can handle these types of damages so it certainly gives my company the edge to be better that the competition.

Keep up the excellent service, Integrated Minds.

Gina Mahoney, General Manager, Franco Furniture Repair Service, Inc.

July 30

I would like to thank you for all of your invaluable services that were provided to my offices over the last few years. My practice has groun tremendously via my web site. I appreciate your prompt attention to all of my inquiries.

Jeffrey K. Miller, MD, Hand Surgery & Rehabilitation of North Jersey, P.C.

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