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Thank you for your interest in Integrated Minds and the many Internet technology services we provide.  Please fill out the form below to the best of your ability.  The goal of this questionnaire is to provide us with enough information to evaluate your needs and present to you a proposal including an estimated budget.

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Company Address:
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Company Phone:

How do you prefer we contact you? Phone  Email
   If by phone, which phone number? Home  Company
   When is the best time to call?

What type of web site are you interested in?  

Will this be a new web site, or an upgrade? New Upgrade

What is your budget size? approx.

Do you own a domain name? Yes  No
   If so, please specify.
   If not, what names do you have in mind?

Do you need web site hosting? Yes  No
   If so, how many Email addresses will you need? 

Would you like your web site promoted? Yes  No
   If so, please select the types of promotion you are interested in.
Search Engine Submittals Search Engine Results Monitoring
Banner Advertising Off-line Advertising Campaigns
Link Exchange Campaigns Other

Who will be your target audience?

How many pages would you like on your web site?  approx.

Will your web site require updates on a regular basis?  Yes  No
   If so, how many, and how often?  

Will you provide content for your site? Yes  No
   If so, what form will the content be in?
   How will you send us the content?

Please check all of the following that you would like on your web site.
Intro/Welcome Page
Services Page
Products Page
Pricing Page
Contact Page
About Page
Order Form
Testimonials Page
Custom Database Application
Site Search
Message Board
Graphical Navigation Buttons
Flash Animation
Streaming Audio
Animated GIF's
Streaming Video
E-commerce (Store Front)
Real Time Credit Card Processing
Other(s) (please specify)

Please describe in as much detail as possible, the conception you have for your web site. i.e., concept, plan, design, ideas, envision...

What color scheme would you like to use on your web site?

What keywords would describe your web site?

Comments: Please specify any additional comments below.

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