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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Repair Topics

Do you make house calls?
Yes we do. Almost 50% of our customers are home users and we understand the hazel of disconnecting and bringing your computer to us. We are more than happy to come out to work on your computer or pick it up.

Is my computer worth fixing?
A qualified tech will assess your computer/situation and estimate your computers worth + repair vs replacement.

Should i buy new or used?
New is always recommended. In the past we have satisfied many budget conscious customers with top of the line refurbished computers. But unfortunately due to the drop in computer prices refurbished equipment is no longer a cost effective purchase. We recommend Dell PCs for the fact that they have a great hardware warranty program.

What will be done to my computer?
Your computer will go through a thorough diagnostic routine including anti-virus scan and adware scan to identify any problems, then a repair and optimization phase. Your computer will then be tested thoroughly

What about my data?
All of you files will be backed up safely including your photos, emails, music, etc.

Networking Topics

Can i have more than one computer on the Internet at the same time?
Yes, using a broadband router, you can simultaneously be online with over 250 computers.

How do i get a network installed in my home or business?
You can call 973-208-9737 and we will discuss what type of network you would like to install. If you are undecided we will give you the pros and cons of both types of networks. After the decision is made on what type of network to install we will schedule and appointment to install the network.

What does it cost to have network installed?
That depends on your situation. Yours choices are a Wireless network (recommended) or a Wired network. We will come out to setup your network and there is also hardware costs. You may purchase you own hardware as well. Please call for rates at 973-208-9737. Click here to view our installation packages.

What type of networks are there?
There are two type of networks, wireless and wired. Both of these networks require a router and network cards.

Website Topics

How long does it take to have a website built by Integrated Minds?
The average turn-around is 30 business days. The sooner all of the required information is gathered and the more the client is involved, the quicker the project will get done.

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