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Technical Support

Whether you are having computer problems or just cant figure out how to perform a certain task, you can be assured that Integrated Minds will be there to help. We're always just a phone call or email away. We offer a wide array of technical support options. We even make house calls!

Computer Repair & Upgrades
Whether you're a small business or a consumer, our techs are available to help you no matter what your situation. You can either bring your computer in for service or schedule a tech to come out to your location for repair, upgrades, maintenance, or training.

Data Recovery & Prevention
Losing data is every business owner's worst nightmare. Something as small as a power surge could wipe out your entire system. If your data is not archived properly, it could cost you thousands of dollars and days or weeks of downtime. Integrated Minds is here to help prevent these situations by configuring redundancy solutions. We also perform data restorations in disaster situations. Before you become a victim of data loss, contact us for a free disaster analysis. We have teamed up with the best data restoration companies in the nation and have a 99.99% success rate in restoring data.

Maintenance Contracts
Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping costs down and your computers and network up. With our flexible maintenance contracts, you can be assured that a tech is available in as little as 1-4 hours. If we fail to respond in time, that visit will be free.

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